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Every Story Needs A Hero

The Chesapeake was in peril and you acted. Now underwater grasses, crabs, and oysters are rebounding, and scientists say the Bay's health is improving.

It's an epic tale that starts with you. But our shared destiny is still unfolding.

The Bay needs people who understand that the greatest story of environmental recovery cannot be told in one generation. People unwilling to give up. People like you.

To protect the Bay's future while securing your own, consider a charitable gift annuity. With a gift of cash or stock, you will receive the security of fixed payments for your lifetime. After all payments have been made, CBF receives the remaining value of your gift to restore and protect the Bay and its rivers and streams.

Together, we can secure the Bay's future.

For a custom illustration of how an annuity could benefit you and CBF, please contact us at any time. There is absolutely no obligations. Click below to learn more.